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Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Must be SLMC Registered Nursing Sister
  • Handing & taking over Ward surgical process
  • Assessment of the patient from head to foot
  • History collection from the patient
  • Assisting in ward cleanliness – bed making, arranging the records & equipment
  • Following the Doctors order
  • Giving the treatment which includes drug administration, eye drop instillation, IV Fluids, IM injection
  • Following strictly the universal precautions
  • Should be able to know the process of Admission & Discharge
  • Orienting the patient to the ward & inpatient policies
  • Issuing the attendant pass to the patient & sending the visiting pass to the security desk
  • Preoperative preparation which includes taking consent, skin preparation, following the preoperative orders, administering premedication
  • Receiving the patient from the operating room & following the postoperative orders
  • Strict observation of the patient for the post operative complications
  • Should develop knowledge on different post operative positions
  • Should have thorough knowledge on different medications
  • Supervising the activities of Patient Care Attendants
  • Supervising & teaching the ophthalmic Nursing Assistant trainees
  • Receiving & assessing the preoperative patient
  • Verifying the surgery checklist which includes consent ,preparation  & drug administration
  • Providing psychological support to the patient
  • Documenting the details of the patient undergoing surgery
  • Should have thorough knowledge on surgical aseptic techniques like hand washing, gowning, gloving, capping
  • Should know the functions of a scrub nurse & circulatory nurse
  • Assisting the staff during surgery
  • Maintaining the records & reports of the OR
  • Cleaning & Sterilization of instruments
  • Should be able to set different trays for surgeries like Cataract, Corneal Transplantation, DCT, etc.
  • Should shift the patient to the recovery room & check for the vital signs
  • Observation of the patient for postoperative complications
  • Shifting the patient to the post operative wards
  • Maintenance of disinfectant calibration
  • Routine checking of functioning of various equipment in ward & OR
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