differently-abled friendly employment

We get many calls, emails from individuals who are differently-abled struggling to find work in Sri Lanka. The single biggest barrier to full employment for the differently-abled is the “fear of the unknown” not knowing if a company is open to hiring them. At the same time we had companies who loved to hire ready willing and able to work individuals and just wanted to get this news out there!

So we bridge the gap by introducing a new tick off box for companies to indicate they offer disabled friendly employment in the job site.

We currently have 16 companies onboard and signed up with us who are offering differently-able friendly employment and the list keeps growing daily. The logo in front of the company will indicate that they are differently-abled friendly.

We hope the site will also help identify job opportunity for people with different disabilities - Visual, auditory, orthopedic, etc. in a much easier manner.

Placement for the differently-abled

The objective of this page is to find gainful employment to those who are physically challenged in some way. The job seekers can easily access this site and post their profile and explain what kind of job they are looking for and will have the ability to mention details about them.

The site can also be used by the employers who would like to engage the differently challenged people in their organization. They can post the jobs available in the organization for which they are willing to employ differently-abled people also want to give them and equal opportunity to apply.

The employers can also search and access the job profiles of the job seekers and directly contact them and assess the suitability of the candidates.

Are you a recruiter and willing to offer a Job?

Would like to be listed as an equal opportunity provider/ differently-abled friendly employment ?

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  • If you already recruite through us just email us on info@xpress.jobs or give us a call to get your company listed on this page too.

How can you help!

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  • Share this link to differently-abled individuals, spread the word so more companies will come on board with us to give an equal opportunity to differently-abled candidates.