Do you have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent, and 5+ years of experience in DevOps? Please refer to the job advert for further information.

The ideal candidate should possess: 
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent, and 5+ years of experience in DevOps. 
  • Strong knowledge of AWS cloud computing and AWS DevOps tools 
  • Strong knowledge in fundamental DevOps tools such as AWS DevOps tools, Terraform, Jenkins, GOCD, GitHub, Nagios, Chef etc 
  • Strong knowledge of containerization of software packages using solutions such as Dockerization, Kubernetes, AWS ECS, AWS Fargate, etc 
  • Exposure in designing, developing, testing and troubleshooting DevOps tools in production systems
  • Adherence to engineering standards, best practices - be process-oriented 
  • Excellent communication skills - reading & comprehending documents/specifications, producing clear and thorough documentation, ability to discuss and explain technical issues during meetings

You will be responsible for: 
  • Researching, evaluating and recommending DevOps tools in multiple technologies for multiple development teams 
  • Deploying, automating, maintaining and managing AWS cloud-based production systems, to ensure the availability, performance, scalability and security of productions systems 
  • Build, release and configuration management of production systems that need to be supported 24* 7 uptime 
  • Ensuring critical system security using the best in class cloud security solutions 
  • Coaching development teams in DevOps practices and guiding the team to implement effective DevOps 
  • Work collaboratively in a cross-functional team in an Agile delivery environment

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292, 3rd floor, High Level Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
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